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Bits and bobs are gathered here for your delectation.

Why do some abbreviations work and others not?

It is a personal thing but I can’t stand San Fran or the newly minted (in our office at least) postprod.

But others work I just can’t think of any right now.

 The Whale Tail

Whale tail: The appearance of the triangular material forming the back of a G String when it rises above the level of your jeans etc.  It is not a good look.

Whale tail
More at the whale tail wiki

Whale tail wiki

The German Mullet

I spent some time living and working in the Netherlands. This sometimes involved flying into Monchengladbach and getting a taxi over the border. The taxi drivers were unfailingly pleasant particularly if I acknowledged that Michael Schumacher was a fine racing driver and the Nurbergring was one of the great racing circuits.

But they did tend to sport hideous mullets:


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